OKAY OKAY OKAY THIS IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME My school district decided to get kids from all their schools to put art in a local art show they told the Jr Highs I am in one of them to let the art teacher choose five prices to put in the show Earlier this year me and my friend played a game called Hustle Cats a dating sim where all the people you can date are cursed whenever they step out of the coffee shop they work in they turn into cats Also you can be gay in the sim you can also be trans and non binary and poc its an amazing game and in art I decided to do an ink piece of Avery the main character and Mason the chef of the store Mason is always a girl and I chose Avery to be a girl in the piece The thing about Mason is that she has the looks of a full blown butch lesbian I also live in Utah so I didn't really want to put openly gay pictures in the hallI always make my pieces subtlety gay My art which I called Avery and Mason has Avery in a dress standing on a balcony and on another paper Mason in a flannel and jeans standing on the same balcony My teacher adored this piece I really didn't know why it was good but not my best she framed them just went out of her way to frame her students work! And just so you remember 100% gay So back to that art show my teacher had chosen that piece as on of the five she put in the show!I went in a fancy-ass dress with bedazzled cat ears and I was looking fabulous I got bored afterl looked at everything and also I had a severely autistic younger brother with me and so we left real earły I knew there where prizes but I didn't think I would win anything We went to my favorite restaurant not fancy in fact it was Panda Express and after we got our food me and my dad went to go get drinks That same friend who I played the game with called my mom and asked for me when I got back she handed me the phone and my friend started the conversation with YOU FOOL YOU ABSOLUTE BAFOON She was at the building with my other friends who where there turns out I won first place in the entire Jr High competition We ran over and got the prize best day of my life Fast forward a few weeks my teacher got a call someone wants to buy the piece I said yes and asked for 50 dollars I was real excited as one might think Just got the check yesterday they paid me for 150 instead of my original price Found out today that I was in the newspaper and I just The piece is gay guys I live in Utah How many homophobic people have admired my piece what if the person buying it is homophobic? How many homophobes have looked at my piece made by my tiny gay hands and thought it was beautiful? I don't know but hot damn is that a great thought Tdr someone bought one of my pieces and its gay Life is good Meme











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