O Search Sweep 2 Undo Junk S Move to v Delete Archive Categorize Riot Games Player Support Re Account Locked Focused Other Filter Account sharing selling or giving away accounts is actually against our Terms of Use and further incidences of sharing may result in a League of Legends Player Support >Riot Games Player Supp ##Please type your reply above this line -# suspension You can view the full League of Legends Terms of Use at Tue 131 PM httpwwwleagueoflegendscom legal terms ofuse It Let me know if you need help with any other accounts T League of Legends Player Support Riot Games Player Support ## Please type your reply above this line -# Sun 113 CrunchyBonBon S Riot Games Player Support Riot Games RG Riot Games security code NJ Sun 113 This email is a service from Riot Games Player Support Sent by Riot Games Hello theelukee We've received a login or ac October Riot Games RG Akali League Riot Points purchase receipt Fri 1025 AL Thu 1172019 334 AM THANK YOU Thanks for your order Yuki Kaw League of Legends Player Support That is pretty incredible this is going on reddit You have randomly locked an account due to suspicion 8 months after the fact that it started logging in 3200 miles away from it's original location Furthermore someone's emotional attachment to a passed on loved one is now permanently locked because i'm the not the original creator Fuck the fact that we created the accounts together and I don't play mine anymore because he's passed away last year and I like to be on his You're RIOT right? Fuck everyone but your bottom line *Golf Clap* I can't imagine selling my soul like you have for a corporation look at what you're doing as a human being to another You're taking an item that someone who died last year worked hard on for a long time it brought a lot of joy to himself and myself and it's now how I remember him in online gaming You just walked up to me out of nowhere no warning no indication no nothing at all and are like 'hey that's mine too Forego the fact that you're a 21 billion dollar market cap company forego the fact that I've spent over $300 on his account myself over the past 8 months you just walked up and beat me over the head and took it away from me That's incredible You're doing that as a human being to another human being just ask yourself When I was 8 years old dreaming of what I'd become when I grow up Did you ever say to yourself Man taking people's sentimental attachments of loved one's away from them in a legal fashion out of nowhere seems like the profession for me Like what are you doing in life that this is your contribution to society S Good luck sleeping with yourselves and all those piles of my money that you deem legally worthwhile to rob me of because fuck the fact that we lived together for nearly a decade fuck the fact that Luke and I played on each other's accounts all the time fuck all of it you found a way to turn off another person's account out of what? Spite? I sincerely hope you look at yourselves anyone who reads this and just ask what the fuck am I actually doing though? Because I can't see any level of 'good' coming from acting like this as a company and you all should be ashamed of yourselves If accounts are being actively sold on Ebay and have 20 email changes in 10 years yeah go for it When someone's on their dead-lover's account and is an actively positive member of the community btw I pushed that to honor 3 from 0 in the time I was on it and is also paying into your system with over $300 in riot points purchases when you decide that that's the target of your 'legal power trip' then I just wish you all the best in never reproducing in this world because lord knows you'll be terrible at raising anything if you turned out this way Meme






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