number-four becausewedefinetheworld sirro85-blog oneshoeshort abbessolute feytaline-loves motherfrigginpsas LISTEN UP AGAIN KIDSSTOP REBLOGGING THIS FUCKING GARBAGE POST IT IS 100% FUCKING BULLSHIT AND CAN AND MOST DEFINITELY WILL LITERALLY KILL DO YOU NOT SEE WARNING LABELS THAT SAY “DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING”? THEY AREN’T FUCKING AROUND YOU CAN FUCKING BURN THEIR ESOPHAGUS BY CAUSING VOMITING CAUSE CHOKING DROWNING OR MAKE IT WORSE! AGAIN DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING DOWN ANYONE’S THROAT THEY CAN DROWN IF SOMEONE IS LOSING CONCIOUSNESS ALL THE CHIT CHAT IN THE WORLD WILL NOT PREVENT IT AT THAT POINT THEY ARE IN SERIOUS DANGER“Buuut i don’t wanna take them to the hospital!!!”WELL SUNSHINE GLAD YOU’D RATHER HAVE A DEAD FRIEND THAN A LIVING ONE BUT YOU’RE IN LUCKCALL FUCKING POISON CONTROL THEY ARE NOT THE COPS THEY WILL HELP YOUAND IF THEY SAY GO TO THE FUCKING HOSPITAL YOU GO TO THE FUCKING HOSPITAL NO EXCUSES 0 NONEI have seen this shit cross my dash SO MANY TIMES so PLEASE fucking reblog this and prevent some well meaning idiot from accidentally killing someone they love! For the love of god PLEASE REBLOG THIS I see this stupid fucking post one a goddamn week and someone is going to literally fucking die from it @oneshoeshort IF YOU WONT LISTEN TO OP LISTEN TO THE RETIRED PARAMEDIC WHO HAS SEEN PEOPLE DIE FROM THIS SHIT Poison control may advise diluting the toxin somehow like with water or milk otherwise do not give them something to drink and take the empty pill bottle blister pack with you to the hospital btw just searched it up US poison control number is 1 800 222 1222 aight so i googled these so PLEASE correct me if im wrong BUT these were the only ones i could find most likely because of the international number listed above and below but I felt necessary to add them all Åland Islands Poison Control Center 09 471 977 Australia-wide 131126 wchsagovau CARPIN CARibbean Poison Information Network Jamaica and the wider Caribbean Telephone 1-888-POISONS 1-888-764-7667 toll fee Cyprus DrugsNarcoticsPoison Emergency Tel 1401 Malaysia Philippines & other aurrounding locations PRNPusat Racun Negara Poisoning and Emergency 1-800-88-8099 & 04-6570099 Trinidad & Tobago Poison Hotline 800-2PIC2742 Tel AAPCC American Association of Poison Control Centers AND FOR INTERNATIONAL USE AS WELL INTERPRETATION FOR 161 LANGUAGES ARE AVAILABLE 1-800-222-1222 Meme











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