November 5 2004 Dear Lin-Manuel Thank you for your interest in the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation We were happy to have the opportunity to become better acquainted with your work Your application was carefully reviewed by readers and staff We received almost 150 applications this year and competition for the individual grants was extremely keen Unfortunately you were not selected for funding We wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue your career in the performing arts Our website is usually updated in the late spring with new application information if you decide to apply for funding again in the future Sincerely Nancy Kassak Diekmann Dear Mr Miranda Thank you so much for allowing us to consider 'In the Heights' for development at the O'Neill this summer You are an immensely talented artist and it was an honor to consider this project among the seventy submissions we received this year Although we are unable to include your work this year I wanted you to know personally how much I admire your creative voice and hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the future I will stay in touch with Jeffrey and Kevin as the journey of this project continues and wish you the very best in your most deserved career in musical theater ncerely yours Paulette Haupt Artistic Director O'Neill Music Theater Conference #FBF Save the rejection letters that encourage you even if they say no Everything is fuel httpstcoEbcsuHfUlM Meme







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