NOTICE ME SQUIDWARD SENPAI xvatix seimu-art bluberry-star xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix xnatiix the au you all asked for omg thank you all for the positive feedback!! Some of you wanted a little more shoujo action so here you go He maybe doesnt have a nose ears and fingers and easily gets a sunburn but all what matters is his warm heart! Why dont you see that he is perfect for you Spongebob? God I hate shoujo heroines! Dont get me wrong I love Sponjibobu wa maid-sama but Squidward is an asshole He is only nice when Mr Krabs is looking! Do you remember when Squidwards heart got possessed by a demon but then Spongebob appeared and saved him? As you know I dont ship them but wow THAT was a good episode “I believe in you Tentaculu-kun” Im so glad Plankton didnt reveal Pantsu-chans identity He might be a villain but at least he has some integrity As you know the last episode of Pantsu-chan - Love is magic was aired last sunday The message of the whole series is so important and deep wow God bless the creators for giving us this wonderful piece “Magic is not an outfit nor is it a wand its everytime you show love to someone you care about” OMG guys!! KIWI studios confirmed the third season Pantsu-chan - The Virgin Soul!!! idk if you read the manga but they will adapt chapter 79-113 which is the Patricku arc w my absolute fav!! Love you Patricku!!! I know you guys are on the edge because of the new TOS of Tumblr but DONT WORRY!! This post wasnt flagged “Tentaculu-kun?” Its happening guys It’s good to know that Tumblr is still normal Best anime ever I Meme




Mr. Krabs







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