***NOT RESERVED ROCKSTAR JUPITER WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC IN MANHATTAN NY*** ***ADORABLE FRECKLE - FACED VOLUNTEER AND STAFF FAVORITE JUPITER HAS A SMILE AS BIG AS TEXAS AND MATCHING SIZED HEART BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT AND HAPPY ON EVEN THE GLOOMIEST DAY - SHE IS OBLIVIOUS TO THE HORRIFIC FATE THAT IS ABOUT TO BEFALL HER WITHOUT AN ADOPTER OR FOSTER! This beauty is well behaved loving social playful responsive Supposedly in a home with seven other dogs for a month - seven dogs fighting over resources poor Jupiter can’t speak for herself and it’s easy to blame the new guy for any scuffle but how could anyone be sure of what happened in a group of seven dogs?! They were already a pack of dogs before Jupiter got there and pack mentality may have resulted in them attacking her and sweet Jupiter trying to defend herself Please don’t let her die based on heresay She aced her behavior evaluation adores people is full of love and life! She is such a sweet girl - even the assessor writes wags tail when approached head down nuzzles examiner and seeks comfortpetting A young super friendly and easy girl with an unforgettable face! This big brown eyed girl is a nuzzler and a cuddler Described as soft bodied leans in with a wagging tail and jump up greets When not near people you'll find her with a tail tucked and calm disposition If her freckled face doesn't woo then her supersized smile shall! She is completely adorable and well versed in making friends Jupiter has so much to offer a fabulous home a long life to devote unconditional love to a happy disposition and open heart and a true desire to connect wrapped in the most sweet looking package She will make a new family very happy - please hurry she is out of time! *** NOT RESERVED HAPPY GO-LUCKY JUPITER WILL BE KILLED AT NYCACC IN MANHATTAN NY*** A staff member writes Hi I'm Jupiter! My friends at the shelter would describe me best in three words playful enthusiastic and social I love time outside in the yard where I can roll on my back in the grass ask for lots of pets and play with toys I'd love an active family to keep me busy and give me lots of time attention and of course kisses! Come meet me at the Manhattan Care Center today! Means of surrender length of time in previous home Stray in home for one month Previously lived with 1 adult 7 dogs Behavior toward strangers friendly wags tail Date of assessment 642019 Observed Behavior - wags tail when approached head down nuzzles examiner and seeks comfortpetting Summary Leash Walking Strength and pulling Moderate Reactivity to humans None Reactivity to dogs None Leash walking comments None Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds Highly social Call over Approaches readily Sociability comments Body soft wagging tail jumps up Handling Soft handling Seeks contact Exuberant handling Seeks contact Comments Body soft jumps up leans in Arousal Jog Follows exuberant Arousal comments None Knock Approaches loose Knock Comments jumps up Toy Grips relinquishes Toy comments None FOSTERING IS FREE AND TEMPORARY AND WILL SAVE HER LIFE! KARMA WILL REPAY YOU! TO SAVE ROCKSTAR JUPITER please CLICK ON VIDEO AND POST THERE OR MESSAGE THE Must Love Dogs FB page - httpswwwfacebookcommldsavingnycdogs OR EMAIL US AT MUSTLOVEDOGSNYC@GMAILCOM Killing starts anytime after NOON ON SATURDAY - 615!! More commentary and photos of this BEAUTIFUL GIRL -httpswwwfacebookcommldsavingnycdogsphotosa7452429323286461001632363356367?type=3&theater Meme











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