NO 43% 2041 Sean 4 days ago HOW YOU DOIEPHY Hey Sean! X 3 days ago Hey yourself! You know it was only last week said to my pal 'ifa girl opened with a Friends quote I'd probably just marry her' Oh shit I better buy a dress! OHMAGIFCOM GIPHY Should probably go out once or twice first Just to keep everyone's parents happy Meh fuck em Alright I like your attitude Good job really if we're getting married Tell me things What things would you like? have much wisdom Top 5 facts about Sean Fact 1 I'm up at 5am so I must be rude and ask to continue this in the morrow if that's ok Request granted But i want a further 5 facts 2 days ago Alright you ready? Born ready 1 I have been in a coma for 2 days 2 I once played an astronaut in a Universal Studios show 3 I'll make you hate me via puns 4I coach football 5I can make you laugh out loud wherever you are with one simple joke You go Excellent facts! Can you prove number 5 please? Oh shit I meant I have experienced a 2 day coma Not the last 2 days Yes I can Why do flamingoes only lift one leg up when they stand? 1 I've never broken a bone 2 Even though I'm a strong independent woman spiders and creepy crawlies in my house freak me tf out 3 Got 4 sisters and an army of nieces and nephews 4 My wit makes people either hate me or fall madly in love with me 5 I'm an excellent drinking buddy Go on Yes i gathered thats what you meant about the coma hahah If they lifted both up they'd fall over Ok that was pretty funny Considering proved my number 5 I'd like you to do the same Deal Name the place and time Yesterday He got me there! Meme










My House

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