niftyshadesofjake niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona Scottsdale Arizona Dating Apps Premium 2019 WRAPPED You have spent some serious time being single Here is how much time you have spent on dating apps over the last 5 years Let's hope you are single due to your personality because the alternative is you are ugly Top Dates Sarah S Top Lies You Told Girls Your cat is cute 69617 mins I love The Office I'm only talking to you I rarely drink You aren't like the other girls Laura T Samantha R Melissa R 103648 mins Stephanie M 53011 107107 Top Hair Color Minutes on Dates mins 118659 mins mins 3600 Brunette 2017 2019 2018 2016 2015 niftyshadesofjake niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona Scottsdale Arizona In perfect harmony You were pretty desperate USC CLASS OF 2022 You discovered 304 new girls this year But you really didn't vibe with anyone 3401 0% anted You didn't swipe right on one specific type of girl Below is what you look for most in a match Ethically FRESHME admission APPLICATIO You created 38 new profile pictures watched 4 girls report you for being inappropriate and spent 65 hours debating if you should give up on dating and get a dog Jake 29 O less than a mile away I'm not a celebrity I don't have $500000 to help my future children become trojans at USC I am a gentlemen I have $50 for dinner to ethically boost my chances of getting a trojan into you Has a pulse and will give you attention Cute Face Jake 29 O less than a mile away Little Waist As a born-again virgin 3-month dry spell I can relate to the current bachelor Big Behind Swipe right I too am willing to wait on putting the Pin the V until I am sure about you and me Good Personality Jake 28 O less than a mile away Ladies if I can do this to Leo imagine what I can do to you A full story for “If Tinder had a year in review like Spotify does” Meme








The Office



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