NGL Not Gonna Lie MRW My Reaction When Alternative YRW Your Reaction When MFW My Face When Alternative YFW Your Face When Sort of the same as MRW TIL Today I Learned Alternative YIL Yesterday I Learned tldr too long didn't read Also if someone ever says teal deer usually used in RP communities this is what they mean NSFW Not Safe For Work nudity or sex OP Original Poster SMH Shaking My Head FTW For The Win Alternative FTL For The Loss OC Original Content doesn't matter had sex inb4 In Before DAE Does Anyone Else SBBQ Sex Barbecue From what I gather this is used as a facetious suggestion to a teenage pastime which came from a bogus article on what kids are really texting Source httpimgurcomgalleryOpWh3 #SOCKS Apparently if you spell out s-o-c-k-s it sounds like a Spanish phrase Eso si que es which can be taken as It is what it is It's used instead of YOLO Source httpimgurcomgalleryWYKH3nt TBT Truth Be Told Alternative TBH To Be Honest and TTYTT To Tell You The Truth NSFB Not Safe For BreakfastBedtime particularly disturbing or gross NSFL Not Safe For LifeLunch the seriously disturbing crap that no one should be subjected to ever Good GameGood Going Good Game is used a lot in online online games whereas Good Going is more universal Either statement can be used genuinely or sarcastically depending on the situation IMO In My Opinion Alternative IMHO In y HonestHumble Opinion OMD Oh My Damn AFAIK As Far As I Know Alternatives AFAIR As Far As I RecallRemember and AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned or As Far As I Care NBD No Big Deal IIRC If I Recall Correctly IKR? I know right? FIFY Fixed It For You Alternative FTFY Fixed That For You A false statistic sort of like 910 dentists choose Crest 1010 would cuddle is a popular one for cute things Depicted 1010 would get eaten by the Ski Free monster IDK I Don't Know BAMF Badass Motherfucker IRL In Real Life TMYK The More You Know YMMV Your Mileage May Vary Usually used when something may contain objectionable material that some can handle better than others CSB Cool Story Bro HIFW How I Feel When FFS For Fuck's Sake Meme











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