Bye Felicia Snowflakes are running for the hills. Yes please run , run for Canada. They will let you in and give you all the free stuff , you never have to work and you will live a bountiful life of luxury and happiness .. take my word for it liberals , leave this horrific place we call America.. Hillary was right, Trump is the boogeyman, he will grab you by the pussy and soon you will be placed into concentration camps, given bacon to eat all day and that will go against your vegan diet so please don't wait any longer pack your stuff and run, walk or crawl to the border .. the nice Canadians will love to give you their homes and stuff because it's so nice in Canada.. free ice cream for everyone and a pony .. I swear . Cross my heart and hope you kill over and act as if I have died. No seriously , go now, what are you waiting for? America is doomed, Capitalism sucks, Trump is going to make everyone work again and that's no fun. Go and we will send you a Christmas card .. we are going to miss you 😘