NEW EPISODE CN CARTOETw I WAS TERRIBLE TO YOU I LIKED TAKING EVERYTHING OUT ON YO beta-kindergarten Because this is for whatever reason being discussed again in the tags here’s just another reminder to everyone and especially to my fellow survivors who see themselves in Jasper SU has never been ambiguous regarding who was in control of malachite It was undoubtedly Lapis up until SWI and even then you could say she and Jasper were working together to fight the CGs Abuse by definition NEEDS to have a power imbalance between the victim and abuser Jasper was never allowed that power while Lapis is always described as the one who was in control therefore Lapis was the abuser and Jasper was the victim Victims aren’t always good people Jasper is very much a victim of circumstance both from the war and from Malachite Yes she’s abusive but towards the corrupted gems and has yet to be given a chance to unlearn her toxic behaviors She’s a messy victim she’s aggressive and angry and there are so many survivors who act like this and guess what they’re still victims Having “ugly” symptoms and feeling affection for your abuser does NOT make you the abuser of the relationship It doesn’t undermine your abuse and certainly doesn’t justify it no matter what vitriol this fandom tries to spew at you because you see Jasper as the victim Abusers aren’t always going to be your enemy They aren’t always going to be bigger than you or physically stronger They can be friends or family or “beach summer fun buddies” They can be nice sometimes and absolutely terrible other times And they can also have traumas of their own This doesn’t change or excuse the fact that they’re abusive Lapis is this kind of abuser She was the one holding the chains the one who acknowledges her own power and fears being placed in positions of control because of it and the one who regrets her decisions and is trying to stop being abusive Frankly I don’t care about protagonist centered morality enough to even consider Steven’s point of view regarding Malachite I don’t care what the CGs in the show have to say about the situation because regardless of how much of a “terrible” person Jasper is it’s presented clearly to us who was the one being held in chains against their will I also cannot be bothered to care about your definitions of “lashing out” or “self-blaming” Lapis made her intentions painfully clear that this was for revenge and wanting to take out everything on someone She doesn’t love the earth nor does she want to play nice with the CGs So don’t even try to tell me this because I’m frankly just tired of being reminded that you people don’t actually care about victims if our behaviors or coping mechanisms are “wrong” to you Also of the 2 years that I’ve been involved in this hell fandom I’ve yet to see Jasper fans attack the inboxes or posts of Lapis fans to the same extent that the reverse has been done Jasper fans don’t spread ugly rumors about Rebecca Sugar’s abuse history either so it’s pretty ironic that WE’RE the ones who condone abuse isn’t it? tldr You’re honestly disgusting if you’ve EVER tried to make a victim feel bad for liking Jasper and I sincerely hope you grow up some day and learn that it’s not worth it to harm real people and survivors for the sake of a cartoon And if you’re a victim who relates to Jasper believe me when I say you aren’t alone and you aren’t a bad person Keep doing you ✌️ Meme

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