Needless to say I didn't move for a while See bruh if u send a sexy pic of yourself to a girl it's three possible responses 1 cute Fire this woman 😁No offense but u don't need this type of negativity in yo life bruh 😂 2 OMG daddy I need you 😍 She a keeper That's a good woman 3 K How many other girls got this? Curious 🤔 <- wife This is your wife u found her bruh 😂 U feel me? She protecc Like the flood waters coming she gon rip the refrigerator door off the fridge and use it as a raft She gon paddle your babies to safety U gon call her from a business trip to NY like baby u ok I seen the news and she gon be like NO I'M NOT OK MF I GOT *YOUR* LOOKIN ASS KIDS TRYINA PADDLE TO SAFETY BC U AIN'T HERE AND EVERY TIME I LOOK AT THEIR FUCKING FACE I GET TIGHT BC I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET U GET ME PREGNANT AND THEN LEAVE ME IN A FLOOD WE'LL DISCUSS LATER BYE This type of woman will punch u in the face when u wake up for no reason U sipping a Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso happy go lucky af ready to take on the day and she walk right up to u with her hair fucked up and punch u exactly in the nose to where yo septum deviate Yo septum was good AF now it's crooked like Austin Powers teeth lol And u like baby?? And she like YOU CHEATED ON ME IN MY DREAM WITH A BLOND BITCH AS I SUSPECTED MOTHER 👏 FUCKER 👏 BEEN TOLD U U LIKE BLONDS SO MUCH? GO FIND A BLOND THEY GROW ON TREES DON'T WASTE MY MF TIME GET THE FUCK TO WORK WE TALK LATER Crazy women always wanna give u the business and then warn u that another reaming is coming lol And u just like baby I don't have a type YOU my type and she just like YOUR 👏 TYPE 👏 IS 👏 BLOND 👏 YOU 👏 DIRTY 👏 DICK 👏 NIGHTMARE 👏 CHEATER 👏 I 👏 SAID 👏 WE 👏 TALK 👏 LATER There u have it Getchu a girl who wild about u bro If she lukewarm u wasting your time Get a girl who will kill for u then fuck around KILL u - it's the stabby ones that always got the most firey Punani ya get me! Bless up 😍😂😂😂 📸 Reddit u-lucidf0x Meme


Austin Powers

Be like

Bless up







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