my-discourse-blog ryrythescienceguy Children being naturally exposed to a variety of germs from a very young age from dirt pets playplaces sandboxes other kids etc is actually really good for the immune system and can even prevent the development of allergies The reason food allergies are so common these days is precisely because parents are avoiding exposing their kids to possible trigger foods and not letting them get dirty also the overuse of antibacterial soapshand santitizers and antibiotics! Source grew up on a farm played in the dirt and with germy animals and germy siblingscousinsfriends all the time and very rarely took antibiotics… today I’m 24 have zero allergies and a great immune system even my little sister is the same and she wasn’t vaccinated until she was a teenager This is also why oldest siblings and only children tend to have more allergies in my anecdotal experience the parents often get overprepared and don’t let their kid get exposed to ANY germsallergens—by the time other children come along the parents are jaded enough to not care about it as much and thus the kids afterwards are exposed to more germs from birth! If this sounds weird and backwards it’s because for a long time doctors used to teach the exact opposite Keep your child clean and away from germs and potenial allergy triggers Until they saw the long-term side effects of this and are now starting to tell new parents how to do it better NOTE I AM EXTREMELY PRO-VAX! DO NOT MISTAKE THIS COMMENT AS ANTI-VAX VACCINATE YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN AND EXPOSE THEM TO GERMS IN A CONTROLLED WAY THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM IS CAPABLE OF MANY THINGS BUT IT’S NOT A MIRACLE WORKER AND IT NEEDS HELP!!! Can confirm this is true I’ve studied food science for 5 years and have 3 qualifications in food safety Meme











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