MSNBC eMSNBC @MSNBC Thousands of immigrants forced into solitary confinement by ICE for being physically disabled or gay NEWS Thousands of immigrants suffer in solitary confinement in US detention centers Newly obtained documents show that ICE detainees are sometimes placed in solitary for reasons that have nothing to do with rule violations By Hannah Rappleye Andrew W Lehren Spencer Woodman and Vanessa Swales MCND Thousands of immigrants forced into solitary confinement by ICE msnbccom 1213 PM May 21 2019 Social Flow 45K Retweets 29K Likes nerd-on-duty thingsfacebookislike biglawbear loud-and-queer thatpettyblackgirl TELL US AGAIN THAT THE NAZI COMPARISONS ARE HYPERBOLIC httpswwwnbcnewscompoliticsimmigrationthousands-immigrants-suffer-solitary-confinement-u-s-detention-centers-n1007881 Holy shit read the fucking article This administration needs to be tried in the ICC for crimes against humanity Three or four specifically discussed cases and many more not explicitly mentioned of named trans women being put in solitary for being trans Often for months One case was like almost a year Over 60 wheelchair users being put in solitary for using wheelchairs Gay people being put in solitary for consensual kissing Suicidal people being put in Even Worse Solitary for not wanting to survive the Slightly Less Horrid Solitary “The mentally ill placed in isolation for reasons that included attempting suicide being the victim of a physical attack or exhibiting behavior related to their mental illness” “A Guatemalan man spent two months in solitary confinement at a county jail in Maryland The reason He had a prosthetic leg” “A mentally ill Ukrainian man was put in isolation for 15 days at a detention facility in Arizona His offense putting half a green pepper in one of his socks” “Moises Tino‐Lopez 23 from Guatemala died in 2016 in an isolation cell Once in isolation the facility did not ensure he got needed anti-seizure medication He then died from a seizure” And they gave no reason for putting him in isolation either And they only keep records of solitaries over 14 days All the cases listed here are 15+ days of solitary otherwise they wouldn’t even be on the record Only 11% of detainees have lawyers Once you’re in solitary you pretty much can’t call your lawyer anymore even if you have one You certainly can’t get one if you hadn’t had one before The United Nations special rapporteur on torture has said that solitary confinement can amount to “torture or cruel inhuman or degrading treatment” and that isolation for more than 15 days should be banned except in exceptional circumstances Meme











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