Most Common Sentences By Each Author SUZANNE COLLINS Hunger Games Series STEPHENIE MEYER Twilight Series JK ROWLING Harry Potter Series My name is Katniss Everdeen I don't know I shake my head I am seventeen years old My home is District 12 Now I wish I had I swallowed hard He hesitates I'm not really surprised Something is wrong Isighed He sighed I shrugged frowned He chuckled I laughed He shrugged I flinched I took a deep breath He didn't answer Nothing happened Harry looked around Harry stared He waited Harry said nothing They looked at each other Harry blinked He looked around Something he didn't have last time He stood up Created by OBenBlatt of Slatecom Source Harry Poeter 1-7 Hunger Games 1-3 Twilight 1-4 december-has-risen imaginarycircus jennlferlawrence frostingpeetaswounds i laughed so hard at the “i don’t know” and “something is wrong” the twilight one is like abstract poetry They all kind of read like weird little stories in and of themselves HG is about an amnesia victim trying to recall the facts people have told her about herself but which she doesn’t remember Twilight is a love story about two mimes And Harry Potter is the tragic story of boy whom absolutely nothing happens to if you read it all three horizontally it sounds like a fanfiction cross over between katniss and harry and the author is making them have a really awkward first meeting Meme



Harry Potter


The Hunger Games






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