Morph a new image Morph this image please like this image on Facebook! The Krusty Cook the-krusty crew tumblr com that ashhole face palmx2combo i present to you nicolas minaj Tears are actually streaming my face right now so i was just one facebook and say something like ''blank' needs life support' with a go fund me linked and i was like oh shit who's dying and so i read it and it was this person asking for money for a car and i am just assuming they don't have a job like get a job and if you have a job ask for more shifts or ask if someone cancels that you are available so come to you first you kinda don't deserve a car if you expect people to just give you money for one like if your parents or someone close to you buys you a car that's great whatever but if they don't do that which most don't like ?? work for it ??? and on another subject i know a couple of people who were always asking for money and for people to buy them shit yet refused to get a part time job or really don't do anything to get money for themselves what are you gonna do when your older ?? live off your parents ? ' i can't i have anxiety'SAME but guess what it actually helps by getting out there and if you can't do that get a quiet job like a librarian or shit something with minimal speaking or get an online job ?????? there's many ways to make money that aren't conventional idk i've been wanting to rant about this for a while i've also got sunscreen in my eyesthis probably doesn't make any sense or i look like an asshole but still also hey people i know irl Meme

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