Monday at 1150 AM Why your body count matters ladies Ladies your body count is your valuePERIOD!!! Read it againNow go over your ridiculous body count and how you got to that number and now ask yourself if any man should value you more than he values a girl with 2 bodies Because my man told me straight out he is keeping his girl and values her because he was her second body My friend also told me her man chose her because she was his second body We value thatWe cherish itit means you dont have multiple dicks in your vaginamultiple dicks in your mouthbeen bent over every which waybeen ran through during a trainpassed around devaluedhave had your sexuality watered down and bland because you been hoeing most your life Can't even wife you up cause everybody in the city hit and we don't wanna embarrass ourselves by committing to community pussy Other men also don't value you as a man because all you did was pull something that him and his homeys ran through You get no respect as a man Plus you don't taste the sameWinning or even receiving your pussy feels like nothingNOThing reallyWhy would it? 25-50+ niggas already smashed you out I'm not special and don't feel special That's why alot of you get left with kids and stuff Because Men look at you as a number and not as a woman of value Same reason we don't waste time in the courting ritual We already know you done fucked some dude the first night or the first week so why should we put in that effort? Now if you have maybe 3 bodiesfrom 3 long term relationships then you aren't a New Dick Hunter you make relationships work and only give up your yoni in those situations where a man has committed to you We see all of this and assess this when we want to establish a long term relationship If we just want some pussy then none of this matters But no man ever just wants some pussy from a high quality female of value We always want to keep her because she is rare precious and valuable There is nothing that gives a man more confidence than a woman he knows no other man can have So that is why your body count matters And before the feminist hop on this to give their viewpoint let it be known that you cant do what we do You are suppose to be virginsPEriod! Not ran through Queens A lower body count increases your value exponentially But you wanna glorify hoeing and your freedom of sexuality thats koolbut don't get upset when men just wanna fuck you and keep it moving All that sexual traumalate nights partyingbeing passed aroundused up sexually and emotional if muck is not wifey material Not sure if it fits but it gives me the vibes Meme




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