mithsonian smithchancommonsters nake CHANNELmanstersrake 02012 SNUSI Networks LLC All rights reserved Smithson legitimatelala lokiwtf gallizfrey anneriawings siphersaysstuff honey-andrevolution sashayed silvermoon424 poppypicklesticks billybatsonandjameshowlettsbro cosmicallycosmopolitan billybatsonandjameshowlettsbro james-winston The Titanoboa is a 48ft long snake dating from around 60-58million years ago It had a rib cage 2ft wide allowing it to eat whole crocodiles and surrounding the ribcage were muscles so powerful that it could crush a rhino Titanoboa was so big it couldn’t even spend long amounts of time on land because the force of gravity acting on it would cause it to suffocate under its own weight I’m so glad they aren’t around omg me too I’m scared enough of 26 ft long anacondas I’m so happy Megalodons those giant sharks aren’t alive either Praise natural selection I remember watching Walking with Beasts or something similar or some British tv show about evolution The subject was something like a 12 foot long water scorpion I was so startled by its sudden appearance and narration that I yelped “12 fucking feet?!?! I’m fucking glad it’s extinct!” Dude prehistory was home to some fucking TERRIFYING creatures For some reason everything back then was enormous and scary Extinction doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! And Poppy what you saw was an arthropod known as Pterygotus it was actually featured in Walking With Monsters Not only was it as big or maybe even bigger than your average human it had a stinger the size of a lightbulb REALLY glad that bugger isn’t around anymore Also Megalodon deserves to be mention again because just hearing its name makes me want to never be submerged in water ever again GOD I HATE THIS POST HOW DO WE EVEN KNOW THAT SHIT ISN’T STILL AROUND? LURKING? EVOLVING? WE DON’T WE DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT SHIT DOWN THERE THE OCEAN IS A PRIMEVAL HELLSCAPE NIGHTMARE AND WE ALL JUST DIP OUR STUPID FRAGILE UNPROTECTED FETUS BODIES AROUND THE EDGES OF IT LIKE THAT’S NORMAL FUCK THE OCEAN this is so relevant to my interests It wasn’t just the predators North Carolina was once home to giant ground sloths… THAT IS A GODDAMNED LEAF-EATING SLOTH We’ve got a skeleton of one of these fuckers at the museum downtown and man just being NEAR it is unsettling DON’T FORGET PREHISTORIC WHALES SOME OF THOSE FUCKERS WERE TERRIFYING AMBULOCETUS WAS AMPHIBIOUS AND PRETTY BADASS BASILOSAURUS WAS THIS GIANT REPTILIAN CETACEAN THAT PROBABLY SWAM LIKE A DUMB EEL BECAUSE OF ITS TINY FLUKES BUT THIS FUCKER WAS 60 FEET LONG AND AT THE TOP OF THE MARINE FOOD CHAIN AND THEN THERE’S MY FAVORITE ZYGOPHYSETER WHICH WAS THIS HUGE EARLY SPERM WHALE THAT ATE SHARKS AND OTHER WHALES IT WAS NOTHING BUT TEETH The reason why the animals in the prehistoric times were so big was because there was much more oxygen in the atmosphere if I recall correctly Because there was so much oxygen and so few carbon gasses life on earth was able to grow to terrifying lengths and heights don’t forget how giant the bugs were I have never seen so much prime nope in a single post *Goes on Tumblr at 5am to help me go back to sleep for a bit longer* *Never sleeps again* Dammit I was born to late for all the fun Meme











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