mighty-meerkat bundibird kaldicuct vaporwavevocap draconic-duelist ranty9000 askshadetrixieandfamily real-life-pine-tree oddeyesarcpendulumdragon based on a true story I don’t think Fortnite is to blame for kids nowadays not reading… That’s the joke It’s the authoritarian overbearing parent He was being sarcastic lol Reminded me of these That violin one hit close to home I remember doing homework once asked my grandmother if she was proud of me “Do some thing for me to be proud of” That hurt That comic up there – I witnessed almost that exact scenario Teacher wanted the kids to all pick books One kid spots something on the shelf and gets visibly excited Pulls it out and starts reading Teacher sees it snatches it off him and tells him that this is a book for 8 year olds the kid was 15ish and tells him to get a book more appropriate for his age Kid slouches around the shelves for about 10 minutes finally picks up a book at random and sits in his chair tucking the edges of each page into the binding to make that looped-page look He didn’t read a word He sat there and did this to his book for the remainder of the reading session He had been genuinely excited about the 8 year old book he’d picked up It was a new one in a series he used to read as a younger kid He’d been actively sitting and reading and then he was embarrassed in front of his classmates told off for reading a kids book and voila He lost all enthusiasm for reading anything else that day What’s worse? That kid had been hit by a car like a year and a half earlier Severe brain trauma Had to re-learn a lot of basic things like how to speak and how to read An 8 year old book would have been perfect for him Easy enough to read that it would have helped rebuild his confidence in his own reading ability A book meant for 1516 years olds? A lot harder to read than a book for 8 year olds Especially if you’re recovering from a relatively recent brain injury And yeah the teacher knew all about his brain injury and the recovery He just seemed go be of the opinion that the kid was 15 so he should be reading books for 15 year olds irrespective of brain injury Reading this thread I’m reminded of Daniel Pennae’s The Rights of the Reader which can be found in a lot of bookshops and school libraries The child speaking at the bottom in Quentin Blake’s distinctive spiky handwriting is saying ‘10 rights 1 warning Don’t make fun of people who don’t read - or they never will’ Meme











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