mfurirrrunitIu nerevar-shid-and-fard firstborn-of-akatosh firstborn-of-akatosh tiredbosmerboy skavenscreechings sock-drawer-jeffery uesp Did You Know Thanks to the Hist Argonians can switch genders? THE HIST SAID TRANS RIGHTS No they didn’t you fucking transfetishist It’s part of the argonian life cycle Learn your fucking lore Wow Just wow The lore states the argonians can ask the hist for the change This means the argonian in question probably feels they do not belong as the gender they hatched as They don’t just all change gender in their lifetimes I do read my lore and think that this is something transfolk should be able to connect with and enjoy So kindly fuck off and let transfolk enjoy their tree lizards “There are many ways to change oneself of course Some travel to far off land taking in a new culture and lifestyle Others choose to practice a new craft woodworkers turned warriors tailors turned egg-tenders But others feel they need an even deeper change in their life and so require the aid of the Hist They are those who have chosen to change their gender Something deep within these individuals calls for them to undergo this change I do not know if it is the Hist’s will or simply their own But always I listen with open mind and open palms ready to help them in this time of transformation Together we commune with the Hist and prepare to receive its aid“ -A Grand Transformation an actual lorebook ‘learn lore’ lmao bye Bye Felicia the argonians said trans rights and skavenscreechings is a blithering fool I love my funky little transsexual lizards ❤️❤️❤️ Meme

bye felicia










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