Messages Edit Mom Where are you???? Leaving walmart Halfway home Why sweetie? You brought me to walmart with you - OH DARN! Be there in a bit Send Edit Messages Son your in big trouble WHY? Because your texting me while your in school Are your serious?!! You texted me first! Send 50% AT&T 952 PM Mom Edit Messages Your great aunt just passed away LOL Why is that funny? It's not funny David! Wht do you mean? Mom lol means laughing out loud! Ohmy goodness!! I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love I have tocall everyone back oh god Jan 1 2011 947 PM 24% 739 PM ail AT&T 3G Dad Messages 1 Edit Call Contact Info Nov 30 2010 737 PM Hi I am fairly new to Facebook Mind accepting my friend request? you made a facebook? WTF!! What does WTF mean? oh it means welcome to facebook Send 56% a AT&T 3G 744 PM Mom Messages Edit Don't forget to unload the dishwasher Did you finish your homework? We have to go to your grandmother's house for Thanksgiving Dad and I talked we are going to buy you a car next month U are??? Omg thank u No We're not I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts That was cruel Mom Cell Messages Edit please stop changing the google logo so much i like the original one Mom I don't change the logo Google changes it on my computer You don't run the google? If I did I wouldn't be driving a 2004 ford Mom Messages Edit Face Time Contact Call What does IDK LY & TTYL mean? I don't know love you talk to you later OK I will ask your sister Daddy Messages Edit Hey dadl i got a 98 on my AP Bio test! Yay I'm proud of you! Thanks Why the awkward face? What are you talking about that's a chinese smiley face 'cause you're so smart Mom Messages Edit Hey mom I've decided I'm coming out Oh Michael Dad and I always knew you were gay but I am a tad shocked you texted me! I love you no matter what! MOM IM NOT GAY I sent my text before I could finish I'm coming out to see you and Dad in May! LOL We love you no matter what type of coming out you do! 337 PM 91%- aall AT&T 3G Dad Messages Edit Contact Call FaceTime Feb 25 2011 245 PM You left your phone at home All in one enjoy Meme











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