MCU Timeline A Read caption for my evidence I've gathered evidence for this theory 1 CATFA takes place from 1942-1945 Cap was frozen in ice in 1944 More later 2 Iron Man Happy said SMH since 2008 3Hulk takes place after the events of Iron Man which is about a yr bc he was captive in the cave for like a few months plus there's his time as Tony before that and Tony was off the news for like a few months to build his Iron Man Suit Putting the end of the movie towards the end of 2008 3Cap waking up So CATFA takes place from 1942-1945 This makes you think Cap freezes in 1945 but after they show the war ending Which isn't right he was frozen in 1944 Cap says in SMH he was frozen for 65 yrs 1944+65=2009 Also you see his Shield in IM2 4IM2 starts with Hammer trying to get Tony's suit Now this is likely to happen just after Iron Man is revealed and that was like close to a yr 5Thor is directly after IM2 bc of the end scene Nick even says he's got other things to do in IM 2 and it was confirmed that Hulk Thor and IM 2 all happen in the same week 6Avengers Now Dr Selvig can't have been working on the tesserac too long at least a few months Plus Loki would have disappeared for like a few months too It's also safe to assume 8 yrs later in SMH that it's 2009 since Marvel said SMH is in 2017 7Iron Man 3 Now Killian says 13 yrs ago he met Tony in 1999 so that would put it at 2012 Also Tony couldn't have built all those suits in a few months it would've taken 3 yrs at least 8Thor 2 would've been from 2009-2013 The imprisonment of Loki then 4 yrs of Thor restoring order to the 9 realms This would also explain why Jane is mad He was gone 4 yrs 9CATWS The Helicarriers took time to build and Stark helped plus they were cleaning it up SMH 10-11GOTG 1&2 both happen in 2014 said by James Gunn 12AOU is one yr before CW and it would've been a yr to raid EVERY base 13AM refers to AOU 14CW Vision says 8 yrsannounced as Iron Man 15 DS probably starts after IM2 with the pilot training and then the end fight 16 SMH is 2017 bc 8 yrs after Avengers The dance would also be the end of Xmas break bc the decathlon in Oct Ned's poster Comment your thoughts Meme


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