mcfreakinhomestucktrash creative-classpect Follow fierceawakening I want villains who go against the stereotypical bullshit that evil cannot love or whatever I want villains who spend months in their creepy dark lab building the death ray with their best buddy and hug each other when the superweapon is finally complete I want villains who fall madly in love with the other evil prince or princess they married to consolidate their power I want villains who tell bedtime stories to the little clone they created to be the successor to their throne and order their minions to get the clone a cup of warm milk because she can't sleep I want villains hanging out with their best friends and acting like dorks while they bow with their enemies' skulls I want villains who are both evil and real and real people have friends and families and loved ones immodea Do you mean heroes? fierceawakening nuttersincorporated How do you get heroes from this!? What hero goes bowling with the skulls of their enemies? I want villains with families I want mad scientists helping their children with their science homework I want villains leaving halfway though a battle because it's their anniversary and they are not going to leave their spouse waiting I want villains who don't work on Wednesdays because that's the day they visit their mum and take her out for tea I want villains who hypnotise teachers to give their children good grades Jo senpaibreadsticks Basically you want Dr Doofenshmirtz Villains Meme











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