MARCANDANGEL COM THINGS you must tell yourself today by Marc #1 #6 I am fighting hard for the things I want most am making the best of it Everything you go through grows you The longer you have to wait for Amazing things can and do happen when you least expect them something the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives Most great things don't come eas but they are worth waiting for an fighting for #7 I am lettinggo of yesterday's stress * Leave behind the stress the drama and the worries Lay this day to rest #2 I am taking action now Tomorrow is about hope new possibilities and the opportunity to make a better day Many great things can be done in a day ifyou don't always make that day tomorrow #8 There is enough time today to do something I love #3 I am focusing on the next positive step You will find happiness in doing the » The future holds nothing but endless potential thing you love to do There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind #9 I am priceless in someone's eyes #4 Focus on those who love and accept I am proud to wear my truth How you see vourself means everything with the love and kindness they deserve you for who you are and shower them To be beautiful means to live confidently in your own skin Cherish the people who saw you when you were invisible to everyone else #5 I have a lot to smile about #10 Happiness is not a result of getting something you don't have but rather ofN recognizing and appreciating what you do have It's not too late what you did no matter where you've become a better version of yourself matter who you are no matter from you can always change and 10 things you must tell yourself today Follow for more relatable love and life quotes!! Meme











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