Magic Results in Your Fingerprints Your fingerprint patterns Left hand Right hand 0 0 Thumb Index Middle Ring Little Little Ring Middle Your personality Honest cheerful and emotional and you easily get moved and excited Quick-tempered speaking and acting quickly You are extroverted and concerned by the things around you maintaining friendly relationships Extremely enthusiastic about your work and when start a task you follow it through to the end You tend not to insist your opinion strongly and change it according to the environment Your inborn physical potential Free You are chill-bodied and may have gastroptosis by nature so you need to pay attention to this You are very sensitive but be aware that continual stresses are the cause of every disease You have a good appetite and a healthy digestive system You sweat a lot and talking too much might make you get tired quickly You need plenty of exercise to keep yourself healthy Your lung capacity is small so it is good to take deep breaths often Swimming and running are suitable sports for you Suitable diet and miscellaneous traits Free Highly nutritious foods with plenty of vegetable oil are good for your health Overeating oily foods spicy foods and cold foods are not favorable Usually you are a heavy drinker Colors such as green should be relaxing and comfortable for you Your sexual feature Free fingerinth Wow! I had no idea that fingerprints could tell us so much about ourselves Fingerinth the labyrinth in your finger helps you to understand the real you with your fingerprint patterns Visit fingerinthcom to explore Fingerprint’s Magic Meme





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