LTE A79% 68 1134 O LTEA72% E 77 1110 10 Not trying to debate at all here but I see you care deeply about PP and abortions and so just wanted to make sure you know that there are baby parts in vaccines Just gently saying that bc I know a lot of pro lifers who don't vaccinate for this reason and wanted edon't forget about the money planned Parenthood made selling all of the aborted babies organs and body parts This was confirmed in courts just a couple weeks ago Planned Parenthood is a disgrace and disgusting and only survives on the killing if innocent children If you need your breasts checked go to you OB GYN httpswwwgooglecomamps wwwwashingtonexaminercomopinion op-edsplanned-parenthood-was-just- forced-to-admit-in-court-to- harvesting-aborted-fetal- parts%3f_amp=true to make sure you knew since you are passionate about this topic as I've seen on my thread I am an activist I speak out for what I feel is right as well so go you and anyone who fights for what they believe in All love httpyoutubeNACBHtFMIIA you stick up for what you Planned Parenthood was just Planned Parent forced to admit in court to harv fight for! Debate! It's a healthy thing this world See More washingtonexaminercom View 3 more replies Like Reply 20h Write a comment hank goodness their bodies are put to good use and not just DT discarded that was God's plan for them Like 1h Reply Was redirected here Person I used to be friends with on Facebook Fucking nutjob 😑 Meme










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