like he's only gotten about anything that crosses me amount of work as him given the partnership hasnt gotten any Im not entirely from I don't know why he suddenly started to be this way But I think Ihave an idea than anything else Ill admit I don't know what Im doing I don't know if this helps But at least it's someth done? Would that make Wesley forgive me? definitely make up for the lack of money we've recieved tod- ay I examined it closer It gave I know it would iritable and stressed out making that any better The only real commuhication we even had with each other today local 99 cent store before heading here and I told him I more seems More _stopped his path I do around the when at a Sa- was we and from the loathsome Hellhole I live in that familiar fe- ing to distract we ruh me Same me stressful than usual lately where this change eling That fully bring myself to describe It seemed to take different time A time where my life somehow didn't feel an eternal affair of sorrow A time where things felt ike they comforting yet enthralling feeling I can't back to going to go buy this crummy journal TI noticed it just TRINGLEY'S More was So Same ying there cked off the shelf it was plain view like it had been kno- was still trying in his behavior the floor in Sure came On m placed on I process everything that happened the night before and my chance to Ive been at the flea market for hour now and it's be- like ah practically dead tell myself After all the last thing I need right random person to recoghize news last night for almost burning down a cemetery But I should probably be worried far Maybe that's for the better I that journal T when I I don't know what it was that eh So were at ease Saw Saw bleak and almost nothing Sometimes when your life feels makes you happy you hold do for as long as you possibly on to them tighter and tighter until they're the only things you have that even matter to you anymore and any- questioning your happiness about these things turns you into someone else You begin made my life I do know that this rihg is likely the closest thing Ill ha- achieving that feeling different back then I don't remermber But How is So So the guy who head on to the very few things that And you just keep hold- It's been an hour I've been writing in here to pass the ti I needed way to get these thoughts Out of was oh Some Me ds my from these thoughts that Some the An hour Ive managed to gather all my thoughts tog- ether And yet TI still feel just once in a while after starting again And just having Some way to set my mind at ease Ve to cah ever Me slowly suffocating breathe freely and calmly T could feel the anger thing through body doing everything it could to make sure I couldn't cape from its demeaning presence Iwanted to explode I wahted to take every perceivable object in front of light completely unrecoghizable from the ambiguous thing resembled Just like how I can't resemble what by me feels so hice So warm So alleviating Should I make up for the me to the point where I couldn't helpless and clueless ing were as rea- ly sell this? Part of ways T fucked up yesterday and regain Wesley's another part of Every a hew sentence I even see- me wahts to so T wou cah pretty slow in the morning but haven't even hada single per- ypically Latching every last nerve in my over to where Wesley with the most pissed off look time Iwould do this he would begin pissed off I don't think he's happy head and look back meah t moves trust But on to Ohe me h was and he would glare his face And every to their quest- how it's almost 1200 and desperately screaming inside begging on to it ho matter what I do The problem is I don't know what to do But I'm going to have to fi- than I wish to feel insulted we at me is es- on me _buy anything from us much less approach the first place On the bright side the manager booth in ioning and become defensive instead no longer able to see the perspective of the other side You and the thing you've on to for so long become for Son our to me to hold HO fine and and look was More me More and every paying for a booth at the last minute since it had been with and the same Likely with the lack of peaple weve had so far held fire watching it burn until it turned to ashes that he ended it on US Ohe gure it out soon Sooner or to attack you Im starting to question if coming worth it let alone coming up being the they made practically cing again and placed with it but just decided to look at it for a moment IfI were to sell this thing and it turned out to be worth a cop- ious amount of money would that make up for what I've and everything else seems to be trying to make you miserable When in having empty But now t once pay the electricity bills after So to One reality youre the to attack everyone else T've for the last decade and products here to sell our I would turn around to look back at Wesley again but I know he won't be getting happier any time soon life week due It doesn't help that weve was eveh trying who is miserable and trying noticed this pattern affecting were almost ohe owh my is anymore But TI couldn't do that I know I couldnt do that All I could do mohey today I took out the diamond my palm I didn't do anything to Plainville at all I should have never I've not gone back to Plainvi zero le Everything is shitty here and when I say that I this past is still pretty pissed right iced Wesley slowly change different than the person T knew just a couple years ago He's began authority figure For the last few months in was sit here and continue to write +his hoticeably t Over me- over time into someone me affecting Wesley with his bus- degree And what hurts the most is truly do about it recently Tve began like that I know there's nothing I everything The shit that happened t's like I can't stop My mind fe- to me pointless drivel And an to see it we- how ek only proves that Wesley I don't think the way things and els like it's going a mile a minute yet it also feels frozen in dt me and much to act less like a friend towards ihess to worse d More me time Like eveh matters yet it also matters going here particular it how is dre hone dn can Five Named Clive Part 8 Meme

Being alone

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