libertarirynn: xlec: xlec: wangdude2006: xlec: this vine is one year old but everything about this is art. the camera rotates a full 180 degrees around a point. the child in the background misses an easy basketball shot then gets hit in the face in the face with a basketball. the fact that this kids name is semi. the fucking beat is three notes and semi kills that shit with one of the hottest bars dropped in this decade. ‘money add then multiply’ means that semi knows his fuckin shit but he doesnt know how to say mathematics. put this fucking vine on a cd so it can be looped by aliens 3000 years in the future you missed the kid’s genius - he can spell mathematics, he goes an extra step, it’s(M)oney (A)dd (Th)en (M)ultiply, I call that MATHM-Mathematics this post never dies and you know what? i hope it never does. long live Semi the King. I have tears in my eyes