LET'S NOT DO ANY GENDER STEREOTYPING siryouarebeingmocked smis-five-creedmoor kongu2525 someoneintheshadow456 thenightling pileofknives honeybubb me #can’t believe this movie is from 1998 It’s like y'all think people didn’t talk about shit before 2008 It’s because the “Woke” generation likes to pretend they invented inclusiveness and feminism When I was in Kindergarten in 1986 the school librarian read us a book about why it’s important to let little boys play with dolls and own dolls if they want them Again this was in 1986 but that somehow blows the minds of this generation How did we go so backward that these things from our past surprise them? I’ve seen kids try to argue how “unrealistic” Stranger Things and Stephen King’s It were because it had white kids friends with a black boy and how “that didn’t happen back then” And I’m sitting here like “Where do you think all your interracial friends came from? Spawned from cabbages?” Stephen King wrote “It” in 1986 and based it on the dynamic of real friendships he had in the 1950s When my parents were in 6th grade they had a drawing teacher who was a pedophile One day he reached under a girls shirt and pinched her breasts and the boys started screaming at him and throwing objects Their antics alerted the principal and the boys told him everything and the pedo bastard got fired THIS WAS IN INDIA IN THE 70s EVEN BACK THEN 10-12 YEAR OLD BOYS UNDERSTOOD THAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT WAS BAD People didn’t live in caves and go “unga bunga rape is totes good” and then suddenly change 10 years ago Because the media keeps acting like we dont already know its bad they keep pushing the woke agenda when its been normal to call out sexist crap and to not be racist for years now Lots of whites marched alongside MLK during the Civil Rights movement in the 60s Because they too saw the bullshit that was Jim Crow Laws Not being racist is nothing new I think a lot of activists want to think they’re plucky rebelsI see lots of them who get outright upset when someone goes “the world is less prejudiced than you think” I’m still reeling from the fact that apparently people don’t think black kids and white kids were friends in the fucking 80s? Like 50s I could at least get the assumption but the 80s??? Meme











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