LEATHERDOS aerois glitterdustedwren somajesticdonki fearlessjones naamahdarling fallen-angel-nightshade nonbinaryanders justsomefuckingguy captcreate odditymall The Leatherdos is a hair clip that doubles as a multi-tool that combines 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip screw-drivers a wrench a trolley coin a ruler and a cutting edge —-httpodditymallcomleatherdos-is-a-hair-clip-multi-tool This some of that James Bond shit Swiss Army Hairclip Imagine you get kidnapped or some shit how useful that might be? FINALLY!!! Lightly hot glue a flower to it and you could make it cute and frilly without sacrificing functionality Low temp hot glue pops right off this is some Kingsman shit right here @mysterysolver Fun story I have one of these and wore it every day while working as a vet assistant at a pet clinic One day a kitten comes in with a cord knotted around her neck and everyone’s trying to get it unknotted before she heads in for her spay I just whip off the hair clip grab the cord and slice through it in one go Everyone stood there surprised and stared at the cord in my hand that I just sawed through with a hair clip This would be AMAZING if you got kidnapped or in this case a pet gets tangled in something It’s very light and flexible but the insides of the teeth are sharp enough to get the job done Y’all are close but not quite there This isn’t James Bond this isn’t Kingsman this is some Totally Spies shit we’re looking at and it’s glorious Meme


James Bond









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