LaShyra Lash Nolen @LashNolen Today we learned about Lyme disease and it's classic symptom a bullseye rash erythema migrans formed around the area of a tick bite A classmate of mine asked How is this diagnosed for those with darker skin? Our professor struggled to give him a clear answer 15 1150 AM Oct 8 2019 Twitter for iPho ne 21K Likes 845 Retweets LaShyra Lash Nolen @LashNolen 13h Replying to @LashNolen After class I decided to google what we learned to see what images came up I wasn't surprised by what I found a homogenous representation of the bullseye rash on white skin It's no wonder our professor didn't have a good answer to answer my classmate's question 25 bullseye rash lyme X IMÁGENES TODOS SHOPPING NOTICIAS Más recientes Producto HD GIF it tick bites erythema migrans deer tick t1 37 1 323 LaShyra Lash Nolen @LashNolen 13h I'm learning more and more that medicine is taught in a way that is often times exclusionary and the treatment and manifestation of disease in those with melinated skin is treated as an afterthought a special case of illness that students must do extra work to understand 35 ti 140 2 785 LaShyra Lash Nolen @LashNolen 13h This left me with the following thoughts 1 If stage 1 Lyme disease is taught to be recognized as a rash on white skin how are we supposed to diagnose Lyme disease in our darker skinned patients? Does this mean Lyme disease will progress to later stages in these patients? 45 t 81 608 LaShyra Lash Nolen @LashN olen 13h 2 How does this later detection contritubute to the disparities we see in healthcare and what can we do in #med Ed to reduce these disparities and ensure students have the tools necessary to treat and diagnosis patients of all skin types equitably? 55 unfriendly-black-hijabi wahtdahel Most of the medical research was done on white males and their response to medicine This is why medical books should only serve as a framework but clinical expertise matters more And this is why we need more black doctors Black people are more likely to die from skin cancer for the same reason It’s just diagnosed later Meme











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