KNOW YOLR RUNES U IS FOR LIS FOR URUZ LAGUZ HEALTH STRENGTH WATER BIRTH VIGOR & HEALING BIRTH 0F A VENTURE OR PHYSICAL BIRTH VANN STRYKE HELSE FODSEL RUNE 2 of 12 RUNE 1 of 12 TIS FOR K IS FOR KENNZ FIRE PH YSICAL ICE TIME OF RESPITE PASSION OR STAGN ATION LIDENSKAP BRANN ICE PUSTEROM RUNE 3 12 RUNE 4 of 12 S IS FOR O IS FOR OTHNLN VICTORY SUCCESS ANCESTRAL LAND HOME FAMILY UNITY OF AN ENDEAVOR BARNDOSHJEM SEIER TRIUMPF FAMILIENS ENHET RUNE 6 of 12 RUNE 5 of 12 E IS FOR D IS FOR Y EVHNZ DNGNZ PROTECTION ABSOLUTE BALANCE FROM EVIL BETWEEN OPPOSITE S PARARDOX BESKYTTELSE BALANSERE RUNE 8 of 12 RUNE 7 of 12 T IS FOR P IS FOR TWNZ PETHRO JUSTICE FATE DESTINY RETTFERDIGHET SK JEBNE FORSYN GUDDOMMELIG RUNE 10 of 12 RUNE 9 of 12 G IS FOR N IS FOR NNUD1Z KEBO GIFTS NEED DESIRE BORN WITH OR GIVEN TRENGER ONSKE GAVE MEDFØDTE RUNE 12 af 12 RUNE 11 of 12 X herbwicc plantanarchy herbwicc viking-illustrator darkwolfwitch witt-craft Runes! This was an assignment to create a set of flashcards that would appeal to kids and adults for my Type 1 class They each have the rune symbol the name of the rune the meaning in English the meaning roughly translated by google thanks google in Norwegian and a little icon I made I made the big rune characters but the display font is Comic Runes by takuminokami on Font Space thanks internet The cards are 3 inches by 45 inches Also please don’t yell at me if the meanings of these are wrong my research was not particularly scholarly Once again thanks internet p Sweet what a nifty little guide This is such a cool idea! Awesome! Quick question are runes part of a closed culture? No these runes here are the Elder Futhark used as a writing system in the area that would be ScandinaviaNorthern Germanic region The names are Proto-Germanic reconstructions so yeah the culture that used these are very very dead Similar runes were used by the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings the Anglo-Saxons added a bunch of runes and the Vikings used less runes and some different ones and this was centuries later The reason we know the “meanings” and names of the runes at all is because of a handful of rune poems that were initially used as mnemonic devices to remember them The actual system of divination and magic via Elder Futhark runes is very modern and goes back to ~the 60s I believe? There’s some archeological evidence that runes may have been used for more than just a writing system and the Havamal old important morality poem for heathens mentions that Odin hung on the world tree and sacrificed himself to himself and returned with knowledge of the runes It also discusses that runes can be used for magic though it doesn’t get into which runes or how to do the magicSo to me personally it does seem a bit weird to use the runes as just another divination tool without using them in context of the spiritualreligious paradigm they are connected to but there are a lot of people that do and seem to have success with it And I’d be cautious with getting into using them unless you’re willing to suddenly have Northern Germanic gods busting down your door whether you like it or not Though feeling a pull toward the runes in general may mean they already have you Good to know thank you Meme










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