kaisermakes Dicking Around Storytime! Halloween a few years back my mates and I were dressed up for Halloween and my cat furry roommate good guy furries are entertaining folks was wearing his partial suit out with us We were in Boston proper and all of us were on a budget at the time so the only option for a late night drink and dinner open to us was a place called Dick's Last Resort If you've never been the big draw at Dick's is that they're dicks to you The staff are sarcastic they throw your menus and straws and shit at you and they make you hats that say mean stuff o D 05 I don't get it either So anyways we've got - I'll call him Frank - the cat with us and Frank's 100% ready to go fuck with Dicks so we head on in The waitress starts doing her bit but the cat in the room has thrown off her game and she doesn't really know how to handle Frank in Full Cat mode He points out the drink he wants without speaking with a paw on the menu and she asks for an ID and starts saying swear to god your ID better have a big fuckkin' cat on it or- EW YORK STATE DRIVER LICENSE She threw his licence back at us and walked away speechless Didn't talk to us the rest of the evening Anyways I dug up this old photo today and thought it deserved to be preserved for posterity So here you go the day Frank broke Dicks Source kaisermakes 77577 notes Furry Dicks Meme










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