k8thescout can someone explain the alignment chart for me but in like the simplest wording possible Imao Vvenndigo lawful good i want to do the right thing and following society's rules is the best way to do that neutral good i want to do what's right and i'm willing to bend or break the rules as long as no one gets hurt chaotic good i'm willing to do whatever it takes as long as it's to do the right thing lawful neutral following the rules of society is the most important thing and that matters more to me than doing what's right true neutral i just want myself and the people i care about to be happy chaotic neutral i want my freedom and i don't care what i have to do to keep it lawful evil to impede the protagonists in whatever evil way is my primary goal but i follow my own code of morals even when it's inconvenient neutral evil to impede the protagonists in whatever evil way is the my primary goal and while i'll do what it takes to achieve it i also won't go out of my way to do unnecessary damage chaotic evil i relish in destruction and want to do as much damage as possible while i try to achieve my primary goal realmfighter THE REGULAR HUMAN CHOICES SQUARE LAWFUL NEUTRAL CHAOTIC GOOD GOOD GOOD THE RECTANGLE OF SNOOZE LAWFUL TRUE CHAOTIC NEUTRAL NEUTRAL NEUTRAL THE EDGY ZONE NEUTRAL LAWFUL EVIL CHAOTIC EVIL EVIL THE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SHAME BASEMENT doktorpeace Good Good Good Mildly Sweet Rambunctious Nice Boy Вoy Вoy Nothin' in Particular Unpredictable By-the-book Boy Lawful Chaotic Вoy Boy Aggressive Consequence- Unrelenting Nasty Boy be-damned Boy Boy Evil itsalburton Kinkshaming this DnD Alignment Chart Roll for ELI5 Meme











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