just-shower-thoughts Blind people must save a lot on electricity stomatium They do actually! mauve-moth I had a blind professor last semester and I swung through his office to make up an exam It was a while before I knew he was in there because he was sitting with the lights off I finally went in apologized and took the exam by the light of a nearby window which was fine Forty-five minutes into dead silence he panicked and yelled in this booming voiced WAIT YOU CAN SEE!! before diving across his desk to turn on the lights I'm sure he was embarrassed but I thought it was endearing and it highlighted a large aspect of disabled life that I hadn't previously considered hotmolasses Sort of relatedly I once had professor who was deaf but she had learned to read lips and speak so she could communicate easily with hearing people who didn't know sign language One day she had gotten off topic and was talking a little about her personal life so that one of the students said Oh I know I grew up in Brooklyn too She stared at him for a long time and then said How do you know l'm from Brooklyn? And he said You have a Brooklyn accent She said I do? and the whole class nodded and then she burst out laughing and said I had no idea! The school where I learned to speak was in Brooklyn I learned by moving my mouth and tongue the way my teachers did So I guess it makes sense that I have their accent I just never thought about it Realising perspectives! Meme




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