Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets In a controversial case involving the rights of undocumented immigrants and their young children a Guatemalan mother lost her effort today to get back the 5-year old son who was taken away from her & put up for adoption in Missouri despite her objections Immigrant Mom Loses Effort to Regain Son Giver to US Parents abcneWSgocom 62418 858 AM 810 Retweets 511 Likes rose-in-a-fisted-glove trashmouse ohnoagremlin one-time-i-dreamt dopeluminarydreamer dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou waluwadjet stephanemiroux sprmint-bkgsoda Just like I said Illegal adoption httpsabcnewsgocomBlotterimmigrant-mom-loses-effort-regain-son-us-parentsstory?id=16803067 Here are the thieves btw im actually physically ill Keep this post alive so that when CARLOS is old enough he’ll know these KIDNAPPERS stole him from his MOTHER! Guatemalan mom “Please help me my son was taken from me” Those two assholes “Lol finders keepers bitch lmao” Carlos was taken from his mom Encarnacion Bail Romero after she was arrested during a work raid Her words “Nobody could help me because I don’t speak English” are still resonating deeply within me This child was kidnapped from a loving mother and she went to hell and backwards trying to get him back and a judge literally told her she had no rights to her own child httpstwittercomevanchillstatus1010399759088193536 Completely unfit parents can get their children back like it’s nothing and this poor woman who loves her child and just wants him with her again cannot? How is this not human traffickingkidnapping? Also The judge said the biological mother had no rights to even see her child according to the mother’s lawyer Asked if the Mosers would allow Bail Romero to see the child the Mosers’ attorney Joseph Hensley said the couple was “not willing to comment on that at this time” source reminder that many children are funneled specifically to Christian families and communities for the same reasons they always have destroy culture stack votes add bodies to communities that otherwise wouldn’t hold majorities it is literal actual trafficking This is a part of genocide Removing the children from their parents who generally desperately love and want to raise them and placing them with white American families is a way to erase their culture from existence without the ugliness of directly killing children But it’s still ugly and it cares nothing for the actual welfare of the child Here’s a factual reminder that Catholic Charities heads up foster care organization in many states And another factual reminder that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is one of the largest groups involved in the foster care organization for foreign born children Make of that what you will Meme











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