jellybabiesandstars S gingerautie Follow do-you-have-a-flag Imagine being an uber driver and while giving some teen and his uncle a ride you end up getting pulled into a hostage situationanti government rebellion forces Han Solo did not sign up for this footballintuxedos To be fair in this metaphor the uber driver is in trouble with the local mob boss because he was ferrying cocaine and dumped it out the window when it looked like he might get pulled over SO stephendann So the uber driver hooks up with the sister of the guy who first hires him and it turns out that their dad is the Deputy Sheriff and things go downhill even faster than previously imagined when they hit up a local truckstop for a bite to eat fuel drop and impromptu family reunion tiefighter Truckstop's run by an old friend who he won his car off that one time and the dude's hitting on the chick he's hooking up with and it's like come on man don't do this to me but then the girl's dad is there and he gets hit over the head and shoved into the trunk of the cop car and it's like oh shit Fuck Chewie man don't let them take my car! zordauch And then the kid who had never been off the farm before he hired you comes back with Green Beret-level skills to bust you out of jail and his sister who was honestly kinda preppy straight up MURDERS the mob boss And then you get the plans to the DOD's biggest single piece of equipment so you go to the middle of nowhere where it's being built and you have some trouble with the locals but somehow the annoying nerd speaks their language and manages to impress them so you work together to infiltrate the military base Oh and the kid lets himself get captured so he can talk to his dad and after a knock-down drag-out fight the dad realizes that he's been played his entire adult life by the corrupt politician overseeing everything so he chucks the politician down the maintenance shaft of said politician's high-rise just before it gets destroyed by the rebels led by your friend in your truck that he borrowed with the promise that he wouldn't put a scratch on it but he knocks off your side mirror getting out of there transspidergirl I'd watch this version of Star Wars frostyemma someone please write this Meme




Han Solo






Star Wars

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