JACKSONCOUNTYSHERIFFINORG ivan-fyodorovich mikestillneedsadrink oparnoshoshoi thegreenpea princessmuffinmouth byecolonizer Why was he only fired He should be criminally charged With that many people is not enough to just fire him So I did a little more research on this because dude really pulled this on body cam Turns out it was the assistant state attorney Christina Pumphrey who discovered this There are also two other cops from the same sheriff’s department involved in planting drugs Pumphrey actually resigned from her position because not only was this being allowed to happen but the state attorney office would not immediately drop the charges against the 119 victims She said she was “getting an explicit instruction to not dismiss the cases” She was also shamed by her superior for bringing the video evidence to the sheriff’s department in an effort to get the officer off the street immediately Back to fuck the cops I keep questioning whether it’s worth it to pull over any more Just so everyone knows the officer wasn’t just fired he has been arrested and is being charged with at least 52 counts of racketeering false imprisonment official misconduct fabricating evidence and possession of controlled substances and some other stuff The 119 cases mentioned above have since been dropped and 263 remain under review httpswwwwashingtonpostcomnation20190711florida-cop-meth-drugs-arrests-scandal good Meme











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