Jackie Kucinich @JFKucinich Follow Trump just appointed an anti-vaxxer to chair a commission on vaccine safety Ginger Gibson @GingerGibson Robert F Kennedy JR says Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety and he agreed Has lobbied for vaccine exemptions Dan Diamond Follow @ddiamond Any effort to vaccination is terrible The measles vaccine alone has saved 20M kids lives since 2000 per UNICEF Ginger Gibson @GingerGibson Robert F Kennedy JR says Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety and he agreed Has lobbied for vaccine exemptions Dan Diamond Ф @ddiamond Follow CDC says that for kids born in US between 1994-2013 vaccines prevented 322 million illnesses saved nearly $14 trillion in costs Donald J Trump < @realDonaldTrump Follow Healthy young child goes to doctor gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM Many such cases! 835 AM-28 Mar 2014 10256 7748 Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow With autism being way up what do we have to lose by having doctors give small dose vaccines vs big pump doses into those tiny bodies? 950 AM-28 Mar 2014 270 31 1 geobrarian isometriclove warmblackrooster aspiringdoctors closet-keys drfitzmonster the-future-now Trump picks anti-vaxxer to lead commission on vaccine safety Trump on Tuesday asked a prominent anti-vaxxer to lead a commission on vaccine safety Robert F Kennedy Jr son of Bobby Kennedy said he agreed to lead the commission which will seek to ensure there is “scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects” Kennedy said Kennedy believes vaccines have led to a rise in autism a claim that’s been debunked by doctors and scientists Kennedy told reporters Tuesday that Trump “has some doubts about the current vaccine policies” Read more follow @the-future-now 50+ million are going to lose healthcare and then they’re going to weaken herd-immunity and create a spike in illness we haven’t seen in decades Oh my god I’m having a hard time articulating my thoughts right now but as an autistic woman I am begging my allistic non-autistic friends and their followers to read this and pass it on this isn’t anything new we’ve been dealing with antivaxxers for years but I’m terrified seeing that monster act like my neurotype makes me a walking bubonic plague the world already thinks I shouldn’t exist as it is this cannot be allowed to stand There is 0 credible evidence to this The man who did so was revoked of his license when it was revealed he was paid by people with alternative autism “treatments” to forge the evidenceNone of this is even credible Save your fucking kids from preventable illnesses Ok so My Dad had polio He caught it in 1944 before the vaccine was invented and spent the next two years in an iron lung paralyzed from the neck down He regained limited use of his body from the sternum up He used a wheelchair and a back brace for the rest of his life He couldn’t physically laugh because of the paralyzed muscles in his diaphragm His legs atrophied and eventually his knees fused in a bent position By the end of his life he was in agony most days and the actual cause of his death was CO2 poisoning because his upper chest muscles were no longer able to expel the CO2 in his lungs There will never be a good enough reason to reduce herd immunity for things like this To throw away the gift of vaccines Meme

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