Is what I am experiencing actual signs of a will to transition to a girl or some puberty stuff? selfMtF Ok so I am 13 and in the past couple of days I've constantly been thinking about transitioning Fantasizing about it and imagining situations as if I'd be a girl I get really confused the second I try to understand what's going on in my head and if I really want that I just get overwhelmed I get overwhelmed easily and my only way to deal with that is just shout inside my own mind and stop thinking about that so I can't rly think about that clearly Can someone help me? also what are the signs you experienced and realized that you want to transition? Here are some stuff that might help you help me I have a femdom fetish so it might be just that but I feel like anything that have stuff to do with trans stuff forced crossdressing feminization pegging and etc is different than the other stuff In a more appealing way Whilst I am comfortable as a boy I feel that I'd be way happier and comfortable as a girl I took some online quizzes thingies today out of pure boredom and I got the results that A I have very strong gender dysphoria I don't think I do tho B In the boy-girl scale thingy I'm in the middle but a little more girly I prefer having female friends than male friends 2 In the last hour I felt a weird urge like I'm stopping myself from doing something natural to speak of myself as a girl in my native lang there are gendered words for self-executed-actions 3 I do like crossdressing I feel weirdly more comfortable in girl clothes tights bras etc 5 I do laugh at memes on regg_irl but in a weird relating way like I can laugh at depression memes even tho I don't have depressionI think? Ask me anything you want to know down in the comments and thank you for taking your time to read this! EDIT also I usually pick female characters on videogames tho my skin on Minecraft which is the main game I play is 100% male When I was young I played with both dolls and toy cars liked them both equally iirc 3 points 16 days ago edited 16 days ago Honestly it's hard to tell A lot of what you say is very similar to the experiences of other trans women so it's definitely possible but only you can say for sure I'd suggest trying to see a trans friendly therapist or psychologist who can help you unpack it all they're a typical transphobe who goes around putting down trans people and people Also don't listen to trying to find answers deleted 4 points 16 days ago 2 points 16 days ago I kinda agree with that But love me or hate me I'm spittin facts Thing is some sexual stuff is known from a very early age So that's one of them didn't knew what was until I actually looked at porn and stuff 2 points 16 days ago Don't worry about it I first had femdom fantasies when I was like 10 or 11 I'd never even seen porn My interest in that stuff only really went away once I accepted that I was going to transition 1 point 16 days ago Dysphoria can develop rapidity at that age so it would make sense That's what happened to me When you imagine yourself as a girl is it like arousal or is it like a warm happy feeling? Also take memes on egg_irl with a grain of salt some of them are just bullshit It's easy for people to jump to conclusions about other people's lives I would suggest to take some time and see if dysphoria develops and stuff My idea is that taking a while questioning is a good thing 2 points 16 days ago It's a warm little feeling inside and if I take it to sexual places ofc it's arousal too I don't usually but the thing is I have ocd or something that makes me sometimes not in control of things I imagine and takes it to weird places And I mean aren't memes meant in general too over-exaggarate stuff? And yea I think that's what I'll do maybe a couple of weeks before anything else 2 points 15 days ago Yeah good for you Take your time as much as you need 1 point 16 days ago Gender quizzes are full of crap they ask questions like would you rather join the football team or go shopping What I will say is that you probably haven't gone through puberty yet That was the deciding factor for me because the physical changes were unacceptable and tipped the scales from I'd prefer being a girl to get this **off me So you have that to look forward to Also I am also guilty of doing weird stuff as a kid like thinking about prosthetics and getting off to trans models 1 point 12 days ago I relate very much to what you saying 1 point 11 days ago Well after all the feedback and stuff I got I figured I am trans I mean tho now when I look at girls wearing cute clothes I'm inside my mind like omg I wanna wear that so much so I don't rly need more help lol but it may still be a phase Why the fuck was I born as a boy Posted 5 days later rant warning Why the FUCK was I born as a boy Why The Fuck I look at girls nowadays and all I can think about is omg I want to wear this or damn I want to be able to do this I look at boys and I just feel different I look at girls and I feel I belong with them And WHY THE FUCK are puberty phases a thing I'm now afraid to tell anyone how I really feel because it may be just a phase and then I'll probably feel uncomfortable with them if it'll end Why The Fuck Why the fuck is dysphporia a thing?! I just look at my dick and I want to cut it off I don't like it I hate it Just fucking hate it Feels so bad And now WHY THE FUCK DOES HAIR GROW SO SLOW Last year I decided to grow my hair and it barely reached the level of my chin after a fucking year And then stupid me decided to cut it 3 months ago Now that I understood who I really am I regret this and every second of happiness that I felt because of it Sure everyone said I look better with short hair but I just think that I look better with a belly shirt and a skirt I just hate it I just hate it And in case this isn't a phase and I will come out idrc how my friends will react - half of them are bi and the other half are just generally accepting so they probably won't mind The thing I'm rly thinking about is how people who I didn't talk to in a long time will react My half- sister that lives a long distance away from me and we barely get to actually talk The parts of my family that live in Canada which is super far and I've only met them once Heck how will my friends from elementary school react? How will my mom's friends react? How will my neighbors react? Ugh I just feel bad rn I just want to come home from the field trip I'm on rn in which I have thought way too much and I think I developed a lite level of dysphoria somehow with all this thinking and that my mom won't be home and I'll do some girly stuff and act girly - like I want to do Wear girly clothes do girly things and continue to wonder about that happy day that I'll decide that I have had enough and that this ain't no phase And with that I just wanna say thank you for coming to my TED talk! Some thoughts in the comment would deffo be appreciated! When will they do something about the grooming on this website? Meme










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