Instagnam crazy -posting this to warn you guys stop juuling stop using nic ive been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the past week cause it's been a month of straight coughing up my lungs to the point of not being able to breathe or talk just tears streaming down my face cause i literally feel like i'm gonna die i'm being mad real with you right now i am fucking terrified i feel like i'm actually gonna be the next kid to die from a collapsed lung i feel like a fat man is sitting on my chest at all times i'm telling you guys like the headys are not fucking worth it at all now when i start coughing i literally have to run out of my class cause i start coughing up blood and my nose gushes blood too like shits not ok they keep telling me i'm fine but i'm not i'm telling u this cause i'm scared for u and every fucking kid that is ripping a death stick you do not want to be in my situation i get 3 hours of sleep a night i'm coughing up shit 247 the doctors don't know what's happening because this is all new territory for them so i just get sent home and told i'm fine when u know and i know i'm not i've been juuling for 3 years now and i've never regretted something more i'm telling you this to scare the shit out of you to stop vaping don't wait till you're like me this is permanent damage Teen gets turned away by doctors after coughing up blood 247 because Juuling is new territory for them Meme











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