Infinity War Theory -Theory- - This will contain minor spoilers for Civil War and Spider-Man Homecoming - So let's start So following the events of Captain America Civil War Cap Spoiler Alert leaves his Shield with Tony Stark after his line You don't deserve it My father made that Shield! So this raises the question What weapon will Cap have in Infinity War? Well most think Tony will just give Cap his Shield back Which would be stupid honestly I mean Tony's not gonna forgive a fight like that just in an instant At least he shouldn't Not right away - So here's my brilliant theory So if you look on my first slide you'll see two pictures of Caps Prototype Shield Spoiler Alert that was mentioned in Spider-Man Homecoming Top pic is from Avengers bottom from Iron Man 2 So obviously Tony has been working on a new Shield for Cap ever since they found him in the Ice But in Spider-Man Homecoming Happy said something like this Cap's new prototype Shield So I think it's safe to assume that Tony finished whatever he made Now obviously he's not just going to hand it over to Cap after Civil War That and he probably has no clue where he is So here's were Comic Book Accuracy comes in Now the Russos already borrowed this element in Civil War but I think it's worth a redo So in the Comics Cap Looses his Shield Slide 3 and Sharon Carter brings him a photonic energy Shield Now this Shield can change into an energy staff Now in Agents of SHIELD Seasons 3 & 4 Phil Coulson uses an Energy Shield which he does in the comics as well So we know the technology exists Now add a little Tony Stark design to it Bing Bang Boom I like how I keep using CA TFA Quotes So Tony designs Cap this Shield bc he's Tony He likes to make stuff Iron Man 3 Sharon Carter steals this new tech brings it to Steve Also one piece of Evidence I found to support this is in the Leaked Avengers Infinity War trailer Cap is Catching an energy staff Now whether this is just an attackers weapon or his New Shield it's unclear But he is holding an energy staff - Comment your thoughts on this theory below This could be 100% wrong Meme



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