In Pewdiepie's latest solo Minecraft series episodes some tragic things have happened that just crossed the line The council of beetroot told Felix that they took all his friends but I think that's not the case It's all the cause of time travel Felix could not live in such world so he built a time machine to go back his VR episode but I wasn't stable enough to bring his body so it could only bring his consciousness but he needed a vessel so he went in an old body but even though it was his old body it was hard to control it witch is why he had trouble getting used to his body There in the past VR episode he goes and kills the council of sheep even earlier so then the time gets affected and Feigi is sent by Water Sheep to take revenge Felix also fights the ender dragon and fails he also kills his slavworkers and the villagers at the ranch close trust on him sealing the entrance Finally he made Sven kill Bengt witch made Sven upset he murdered one of his best Sven didn't know it was an accident and thought Felix had changed and gone evil therefore he took his Boyfriend and son and left so did the others Jorgen ran away because when Felix was riding him he took Jorgen out of his stable and left him out since he could not ride him Felix had altered the time line and that's why even before he went back in time the changes he made had already affected the time line But Felix didn't know this and the council of Beetroot did so they blackmailed him so Felix would do there dirty work for them and making the master plan Makimg a dolphin rollercoaster for there own entertainment My minecraft lore theory Meme











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