I'm over at this one girl crib because her parents don't give a fuck about her and they never home It's me my boy Rodger and two other girls Rachel and Kelly They was in the kitchen whipping up some food while we was watching the super bowl Rodger bet me big money on this game Rachel and Kelly came out the kitchen Minutes later with straight disrespect They tried to whip us up some fried chicken but ain't know how to cook She put the frozen wings in the oven and left it on broil Them baby chicks died in vain Rachel & Kelly went in the kitchen to get some juice I tossed them wings under the couch so quick I heard them make a Dud sound against the wall Rachel and Kelly come back out with more food like I made y'all some hot dogs too Hot dogs was also burnt No reason why a Oscar Meyer frank should look like a stapler The Kool aid was hella diluted White girls cant cook so you know I had to pull out my emergency bag of hot Cheetos Half time approaching and Falcons straight annihilating the Pats This game was over It was clear I was about to lose the bet Kelly comes in like New England is beating the patriots omg yay Rachel replies no silly it's the pigeons vs patriots At this point I knew my bro Rodger had to have found these bitches form back-page Rodger takes Kelly in the other room and I'm left with Rachel Lady Gaga about to come out with some witchcraft when Rachel shuts off the tv She's like I got a halftime show for you I'm thinking things about to be lit WRONG Shorty slipped out of her snuggy and begin to give me a lap dance She smelt like straight Wet Nickels and All lives matter I was not having this bro My nigga Rodger in the next room crushing cheeks I'm crying on the couch praying for a miracle Kelly says she'll brb and goes to the bathroom I take a knee like Kapernick like God show me a way I look in the corner of my eye and see a escape rope I respawned outside and walked my ass home By the time I get to the crib I see the Falcons pull a Golden state and choke I won the bet Sunday I haven't seen Rodger since Pray for him them bitches prob kidnaped him I just want my money yo Meme

All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Kool Aid


Oscar Meyer

white girl

I Won

Golden State

Hot Cheetos

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