il VerizonLTE 1 83% 1231 AM Can you not seduce my dad please and thank you I'd rather not need to explain how I brought a girl home and now my parents are getting divorced yaknow just for you i wont seduce your dad Thanks man you're really helping me out with that i really try It shows how many dads do you seduce a week couple You got a quota that needs to be met by the end of each month? yeah really been hauling ass these past few days to meet my numbers Nothing's hotter than a girl with a drive I may not be a dad but I'm rocking the dad bod honestly that might be close enough That's cool I don't wanna become full dad tho don't want any kids yet thats based on how careful you are during the seducing Just gotta make sure you wrap it before you tap it can never be too safe True dat Or you could be super safe and just hold hands everyone knows hand holding is the sexiest type of interaction thats the quickest way to make babies are you kidding me?!?! Oh shit good thing I've got my hand condoms on me damn you come prepared I mean we gotta keep those cooties suppressed facts shits spreading faster than the measles in Seattle Soon those damn anti vaxxers will tell us to have unprotected eye contact ik its like they jus wanna see us all die Stitch It We just need to show them how much fun having protected interactions can be YO this thunder is fucking WACK i need to go to bed yaknow i like to play on the risky side but i think with you im down for some protected interactions Hell yeah man I'll even break out a new bottle of hand sanitizer to keep things safe cant even swap germs I mean if you wanna swap cooties I may make an exception i kinda wanna swap cooties w you Don't worry my cooties are of the clean type And I'd be down to share dope Imk Yeah just one issue I'm 60 miles away from ya and I'm going back to morrow its probably closer to where in me than you are now i live on much Oh shit like just north of You're like half an hour from my house thats not baddd Nope wanna toss me your snap? Sent Send Type a message Stitch It! GIE UL Protective interactions are the best types of interactions Meme




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