Ihm a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men Anime Yuri on Ice When someone tells you to describe yourself in one sentence and you want to highlight both your irresistible charm and your love for Japanese cuisine I love how this anime can deliver these sort of lines on one hand and a story about self-improvement and genuine human connection on the other and neither of these really cancel each other out If you've been reading my opinion posts for the past few weeks then you probably know by now how dense with meaning this show is and how much there is to talk about but let me try and mention just a few of the things I loved about ep 5 Let me start once more by praising Mappa's commitment to animating the figure skating scenes Yes I know they reuse footage I know that some of the moments look really wonky or unnatural or just silly or whatever but what matters to me is that they care enough to actually feature them We didn't NEED to see Minami skate to see Yuuri cheer on him But this is a sports anime and they're gonna show us the figure skating even if it's a bit half-baked And you know what? Better a wonky animation then a slide-show from the performance the way some anime prefer to handle these things I also think they're trying to save some money for the bigger episodes So far we've seen skating in literally every single episode and that deserves to be appreciated But alright enough about the production values Time to get into the story And what do we get this time? So much good stuff First of all I really appreciate that they showed Yuuri's nerves before his performance and his way of dealing with them by focusing on himself and being a bit rude to Minami Because yeah Yuuri's definitely improved but that doesn't mean he's not afraid to skate again especially with all the focus on him And sometimes stress will cause you to be unnecessarily cold to others and that's partly what we get here There's also the lovely subversion of this with the help of Victor and Yuuri realizing that he can compete and still be kind to his competition and that even he can have fans! Then there's also the fact that Yuuri decides to do all the quads in his performance despite Victor telling him to lower the level and focus on his performance I really appreciate that because it shows that even if Yuuri really gains from Victor's help he's not just passively made into Victor's ideal - he has autonomy over his choices he can be assertive he does the things he thinks are best I think it was important to highlight that Yuuri isn't just a vessel for Victor's ideal that he can stand up for himself that he can do his own thing even if it's far from perfect and still do well The fact that Victor also accepted Yuuri's choice was great because it shows that he'll willing to respect Yuuri's decisions and the way he chooses his growth He's really there to support him not to sculpt him into what he thinks is perfect And shall I say that the speech at the end of the episode was simply stunning and I absolutely adored it and its implications The entire episode just reminds me that Yuri on Ice really knows what it's doing and it's doing everything really well As always I'm excited for the next episode And as always I apologize for the essay and the funny thing is that this is just a fragment of my thoughts haha and am looking forward to seeing your opinions in the comments ^^ Admin Urushihara --- Anime of the Week Polls httpsgooglVVPEil Character Polls httpsgoogl6Ivduk Soundtrack Polls httpsgooglITwd3G Meme











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