ig horrifyingworld Two bakery workers died in agony after they were sent into a giant oven to carry out repairs The machine should have been allowed to cool for 12 hours but was only left for two The repair was a delicate procedure in which they had to collect broken parts from along the length of a conveyor belt which carries bread trays slowly through the 75ft-long oven But within five minutes they were relaying terrified messages over their walkie-talkies saying the oven was too hot There was no way of reversing the belt and they were trapped on its journey through the oven Mr Erickson was pulled out at the other end and died on the factory floor Mr Mayes collapsed inside and was caught in the machinery He died from 80 per cent burns and multiple fractures 5 DEPTH PERCEPTION - SUBMITTED BY CASPERMCSADDEN - As a kid did you ever squint one eye shut and then the other watching the position of the world shift back and forth till your head ached? It's a bit like that Your eyes can only see so much but your other eyes see plenty else Oh I don't mean you have other eyes—just that there are a whole lot of other worlds out there and some of them have another you with eyes of their own And every now and then for a split second your senses overlap It's like being that squinting sore-headed kid and finally opening both eyes again The world takes on a little more dimension When you swear you saw something move out the corner of your eye that could be them turning their head too fast Or that sudden shiver you get down your spine is really the wind blowing right through them Small stuff like that And then there's that feeling I'm sure everyone knows You're laying in bed and as you close your eyes you feel yourself driftingdriftingfloatingfalling Falling Falling! And then you jolt awake heavy in your body again heart rattling around your chest like a bird in its cage It's weird right? Feeling yourself die? Just be glad you're the one who woke up Meme











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