i want! to sit! in a lap! and i want! to do they have to be attached I love your need to make everything cute sounds creepy I love that Well I's funny how you can make everything sound creepywrong but the things that you like Make this creepy Skittles are very good it depends where you put them you challenged a god Make this creepy An instrumental cover of a well-known song plays from another room It starts slow rhythm inconsistent like a child struggling with a hand-played music box It is the unmistakable tune of Despacito played on an old circus organ You open your eyes slowly and squint up at a single flickering bulb Your head aches How did you get here? The music throbs against the bathroom's crumbling tile walls You are standing in front of a ceramic sink the bowl chipped and yellowed with age You have no memory of this place The music speeds up Your hands are stained with something dark and rotting A strange taste lingers in your mouth How did you get here? You lean towards the mirror Your face is haggard your eyes bloodshot Your reflection leans forward and whispers Despacito can you do llike wearing glasses Most people have never seen me without my glasses I wear them all the time All day at home in bed even in the bath sometimes I pretty much only take them off to shower or sleep And even then I keep them within arm's reach Igot my first pair in middle school and it changed my life I've switched styles plenty of times over the years Right now I own three pairs not including my backups and prescription sunglasses I'm always paranoid about losing or breaking the ones I'm wearing Most people would be surprised to find out my eyesight isn't even that bad ReallyI only need corrective lenses for distance I could manage most things without them But I like wearing glasses Not that it can't be frustrating at times Eyeglasses are always getting smudged or dirty I have to clean mine constantly They're fragile and can be scratched or bent They fall off go askew steam up and collect water drops when it rains You have to keep a protective case on hand and a soft cloth and glass cleaner They can be a lot of trouble Honestly contact lenses would be so much more convenient I did try to switch once I bought a box of those new disposable contacts And it was great at first-just put them on and go It was freeing My eyes adjusted quickly-no itching or redness It didn't even feel that strange not having something on my face for the first time in years I really thought they were going to work They didn't in the end Maybe it's something about the material the difference between actual glass versus whatever polymer the contacts were made from Maybe it has to do with lens shape or distance Maybe it's even just psychological-something to do with the fact that glasses just feel more protective I had hoped now that I was older perhaps I wouldn't need protection Perhaps they wouldn't come after me the way they did when I was a child I was wrong Glasses stop the dark things from moving you see If I don't wear them I start seeing the things again Out of the corners of my eyes In the shadows of the room Glasses are the only thing I've found that keeps them still And that's important Because you see the things aren't just moving-theyre moving closer Gaud it's past 1 am please Sometimes I just think Gaud is moved by the full and pure force of f people's minds ucking up other why the flip do u think i spend so much time on this hellsite 57107 notes They challenged a god They will pay for their hubris Meme











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