I love how much of an influence Captain America and the superhero serum has had on the MCU The serum was destroyed after it was successfully used on Steve Rogers Since then so many people and organizations have tried to recreate it Hydra tried to use a serum to create soldiers like The Winter Soldier Then In the TV show Agent Carter Peggy has to protect the last vial of Captain America’s blood She eventual decides to pour it into the river to stop it from falling into the wrong hands However in 1991 Hydra discovered that Howard Stark had replicated a similar formula and The Winter Soldier was sent to retrieve it and kill Howard In Captain America The First Avenger it was explained that Red Skull’s deformed body and insanity was because his body rejected the super soldier serum since he wasn’t worthy This is also what happens to Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination in The Incredible Hulk when he takes a serum designed to recreate the original super soldier serum This of course was after Bruce Banner attempted to recreate the formula using Gamma radiation Next the Centipede project in Agents of Shield recreated a similar version of the serum It was mixed with the Extremis virus Gamma Radiation and technology from the Chitauri invasion This resulted in Deathlok Scorch a powerful John Garrett and more James Poster by posterspycom Meme











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