I lke giri A We are very good triends A's best friend B likes me Also A likes a guy C who is my best bro and C likes another girl D who is in a relationship with another guy What should we do Priyanka Dhaka 144k upvotes by Diksha Bijlani Sandhya Ramesh Mukesh Sharma more You can apply Bipartite Matching algorithm of Graph Theory All you have to do is 1 Put all girls as vertices a's in Part A and boys as vertices b's in Part B 2 Draw an edge between vertex a to vertex b if a likes b 3 It will be a bipartite graph there are no edges within vertices of Part A and same for Part B unless your friends are not straight Maximum Bipartite Matching-GeeksforGeeks the pairs who should be together much they loelike each other In that case assign weights according to 4 Then find maximum matching for this bipartite graph refer this link 5 You will get maximum matching as output and the matched edges will be 6 You can apply weighted bipartite matching algorithm if you know how their amount of love and repeat step 4 and5 Thanks for asking this question Finally I have found a real life problem which can be solved by what Prof Panda has been teaching us for 2-3years PS I can provide you code for both weighted and unweighted maximum LIndatad 28 Iul 201 bipartite matching which I made for my project Upvoted 144k Downvote Comments 149+ Share 54 When you are love guru but also a programmer Meme

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